[Registration] NAIKBHINNEKA.com

Hi Febster! Yuk ikutan campaign ini dan dapatkan reward up to IDR 250,000. febster diminta untuk membuat 1x instagram feed Video dan 1x IG Story menginfokan tentang Brand Bhinneka Paket

-Pria dan Wanita
-Micro,Macro Influencer, min. followers 25K
-Interest in Travel, Lifestyle, Business
-Rata-rata like postingan 600+ dan Kualitas video bagus2 (lebih banyak diutamakan),
-Domisili di Bandung Raya dan sekitarnya
-Bersedia review visit office cabang Bhinneka sesuai jadwal yang telah ditentukan tanggal 24 Januari 2022 (properti konten seperti box paket sudah disediakan tim)

SOW : 1x IG Feed Video dan 1x Video Story Product Review (naikbhinneka.com)

Benefit untuk Influencer : Fee Influencer IDR 250.000

Registrasi di: https://febinfluencer.com/2022/01/22/campaign-registration-naikbhinneka-com-januari-tahun-2022/

*Jika kamu yang TERPILIH pada campaign ini akan diundang pada Grup Campaign.

Community Guidelines

  • Be yourself! Only join a campaign if you would recommend the brand for free.
  • Brand are more likely to reject low-quality photos/videos (Dark, Grainy or Blury) so you must upload best content!
  • Your photo/video and caption must not mention or show any competitor’s related a brand, logos, or products.
  • Only submit original content that you either own or have created.
  • Soliciting or buying engagement (likes, comments, followers, view or shares) will result in a ban.
  • Do not archive or delete your content.
  • no profanities – please keep it PG.
  • Do not reach out to brands directly. If you face any issues with the campaign, the FEB Digital Team can assist you at info@febinfluencer.com